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Experience the frontier as a chief of a Native American tribe and resist the onset of the settlers. Explore the vast open-world full of hostile humans and animals. Survive, hunt, craft while defining your narrative through the decisions you make. Unite and lead the tribes to take back your lands.


You begin your journey as a chief of a small Native American tribe set to take back the lands of your people. The settlers are expanding rapidly and crashing all resistance. What remains of the Native American are dwelling in reservations while only a few are still resisting the enemy. You are to lead your people against all the odds, survive the expansion of the settlers, unite the tribes and retaliate. You will choose your approaches to take down the enemy camps, mines, settlements, and forts. Once the area is clear of hostile, you can send your brave warriors to settle in new camps and expand accordingly. Each step will take you closer to securing back your lands. 

Dynamic Word and Karma

The environment of the game changes dynamically depending on your decisions. Each action you make will have an impact on the world. Geography remains the same but patrols, enemy camps, and even the rate of new warriors joining your cause will be different. As a result, each walkthrough you will face unique challenges and outcomes. Beware though, your actions determine your karma. Both positive and negative karma has its own benefits and disadvantages. Depending on your playstyle, you can choose your path.


This Land Is My Land is primarily a stealth game, however, you are the chief and you decide how you want to fight the enemy. You will utilize various weapons such as knives, bows, pistols, and rifles in addition to traps and intimidation. However, not everyone is your enemy. There are still some who are open to trade and barter with you for the right price. Better yet, you can even trade with other players using the social trading system.

Progress and Management

Taking back your land is a long, challenging process. Take the time to upgrade your skills which will unlock more crafting, combat, and other options that will aid your progress. You and your warriors need to gather resources to survive, craft weapons, and tools to fight the enemy. Various resources will also help you upgrade and expand your camps, which will allow you to house more warriors. As a chief, one of your challenges is managing your resources, warriors and expanding your territory

Wildlife and Landscape

The world is full of fascinating areas filled with various biomes and distinct resources. You will need to travel to the right locations to find the required resources making the experience unique as you progress in the game. Ride your horse through the peak of the mountains while looking down the sunset or storm through the forest and enjoy the beautiful nature. In your exploration and progress, you will encounter various wildlife such as bears, wolves, deers, buffaloes, and other animals. They are essential for your camp upgrades and other improvements that you must hunt for.